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Fayaq, M. (2023). Build Hospital Management System using PHP framework: HMS. Iraqi Journal of Intelligent Computing and Informatics (IJICI), 2(2), 101–112.


Service institutions are considered one of the most important institutions in our time, and they have become a great place in our lives The health institutions are considered the most important, because they provide many types of necessary health services And related to the safety of the health of individuals, and through cooperation between the academic study and the health sector, which was represented by Khanaqeen General Hospital, where this research paper presented a proposal hospital management system project is primarily focused on managing medical-related records within a hospital. More precisely, this system helps track medical reports. The system also displays all available employees and patients. In additionally, the system can aggregate inventory and pharmacy records, this system consists of two major sections: database structure, and GUI (Graphical User Interface) frames (created in environments utilizing PHP, HTML, and CSS). The database constructed with MYSQL and the GUI frame make it easier for novice users to utilize the suggested system. at the latest this paper describes a hospital management system that can be used to manage and analyze hospital information related to patients, treatments, and sales. The practical implications of this system are:

It can help hospitals to manage their operations more efficiently by providing a centralized system for managing patient information, treatment records, The system can be of assistance hospital administrators to make data-driven decisions by providing them with real-time information about hospital operations, and improve patient care by providing doctors and nurses with easy access to patient information and treatment records, The system can be beneficial to reduce errors and improve accuracy by automating many of the manual processes involved in managing hospital information.

Overall, the HMS described in this paper has the ability to increase efficiency, accuracy, and quality of hospital operations, which can ultimately lead to better patient outcomes.
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